Collected Writings

Will Rickerby can be identified through a brief survey of New Zealand outdoor magazines from the 1980’s to the present.  His collection of magazine articles has covered hunting, humorous tales, to  ‘how to do’ articles.  He has published three books of genealogical history on the Rickerby family.




“Lost……..Who Me?” NZ Wildlife 62 (1980).

“Success and Defeat.” NZ Outdoor (February 1981).

‘Kids and Freeze Dried.” NZ Outdoor (May 1981).

“Bushsickness.” NZ Outdoor (June 1981).

“Kaweka Hunt.” NZ Outdoor (April 1983).

“Makino Hut Foray.” NZ Outdoor (July 1983).

“Venison, Pork, Trout – All in Four Hours?” NZ  Wildlife (Sept 1989).

“Hunt Light but Right.” NZ Wildlife (Winter 1989).

“HUNTS – New Zealand Hunter Education.” NZ Hunting & Wildlife (Winter 1991).

“Six Deer and the Bright Blue Jacket.” NZ Hunting & Wildlife (Winter 1995).

“Our Sport of Hunting – What Does the Future Hold?”  NZ Hunting & Wildlife (Autumn 1996).

“The Fossil Hunters.” NZ Hunting & Wildlife (Spring 1997).

“Breaking in a Browning.” NZ Guns (Sept/Oct 1997).

“Cut Hunting Costs.” NZ Hunting & Wildlife (Dec 1997).

“The Old Gun.” NZ Outdoor (March 1998).

“Kaimanawa Country.” FMC Bulletin (May 1998).

“Waikato  Club’s 50th Celebrations.” NZ Hunting & Wildlife (June 1998).

“A Rifle for Rachel.” NZ Guns (Nov/Dec 1998).

“A Golden Valley.” NZ Wilderness (Sept 1999).

“Those Moments.” NZ Hunting & Wildlife (Oct-Dec 2007).

“Some Rats I’ve Meet.” NZ Hunting & Wildlife (Jan/Feb 2008).



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– 2011.  Letters Home: A Collection of Personal Letters from 1955~ 1966. Privately Published.

– 2010. So You’re in the News Again? Rickerby & Addison Families: Newspaper Cuttings. Privately Published.

– 2005. A Hundred Years of Writing: A Collection of Rickerby Family Letters from 1900 to 2000. Privately Published.

-1998. The Waikato Deerstalkers: The New Zealand Deerstalkers Association Waikato Branch’s First Fifty Years of Hunting, 1948-1998.  New Zealand Deerstalkers Association, Waikato Branch: Hamilton.

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