The following pages tell the story of a changing relationship: from a landscape where cattle grazed on the slopes of the Western side of the hill and where vines, barberry and gorse made it hard to find a way up the track from the road to a landscape that has unfolded a canopy of trees that expose a natural history and geology. The presence of past voices, of school picnic spots and man-made dams, have been revealed. Weka roam in and out, birds fly through the canopy, fungi appear and disappear, and a leg count of insects numbering in the hundreds are now part of this landscape.

The result of the work of the Wills Gully Conservation Group over the years has been useful as a living laboratory for trapping, weed control, removal and reintroducing native plants. The methods used have been learnt by trial and error. The group welcome any interested people to share this knowledge.





Will Rickerby: Nelsonian of the Year for the Environment 2016

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The dedicated conservationist and hardworking volunteer, Will Rickerby, is the Nelsonian of the Year for the environment (as reported by the Nelson Mail 25 February 2016).  



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