Points of Interest

WetaExplore some of the interesting natural features of Wills Gully, and learn what has been accomplished in protecting Richmond Hills for future generations.

the skulleryWills Gully, overrun by vines, barberry and gorse, is slowly regenerating, again offering an excellent opportunity to observe native bush succession first hand.  Look closely as you walk this path, the track signs record the connection between place and people: Archie’s Line, Central Line, Hedgehog Corner, Doug’s Run, Pumpkin Patch, The Archway, The Scullery, The Office, Top Track and Bottom Track.

The Richmond Hills Conservation Group aims to foster an ethic of environmental stewardship and social responsibility. The Group achieves this mission through the integration of conservation and education. You can help protect and promote the work in the Richmond Hills by joining with one of a number of groups that volunteer in the Richmond Hills.  My work in the valley is sporadic throughout the year depending on my free time; activity is greatest during the Winter with preparing areas for planting, and the Spring with planting and spraying.

Wills Gully Map – December 2015 (pdf, 2.79 KB)
Jimmy Lee Creek and Wills Gully Map– December 2015 (pdf, 3.92 KB)

Wills Gully Map