February 2021

Will Reports: Not a great deal done this month except for preparing for the winter plantings. We have tracked down more vines and poisoned, that have sprung up through our earlier plantings. Kevin and I have been sorting out are collection of native seedling plants – mainly keeping them watered.

From hardly seeing a wasp nest the last few months to finding nine in February (and five at home) and destroying them. No monarch butterfly eggs or caterpillars on the home swan plants due to these vicious hunters. Hardly have heard any cicadas at home or up the gully this summer. When they are desperately singing on those hot summer days, one has to keep one’s mouth closed when walking bye. What’s happened to them? The
silvereyes seem to be holding their own and although there still are very few at home but I’ve seen a small flock, maybe 10 to 15, flying from tree to tree up the gully.

Brian Hirst has been in touch and offered some more natives that he has potted up – thanks Brian.

The February rainfall at my place was 57mm (average 69mm) and it will have been more for the gully so although a dry spell knocked some plants, overall it turned out pretty good. March is off to a good watering with 60.5mm falling by the 3rd of the month.

We plan to have an “Event” during April/May to prepare the area up Grassy Saddle for planting and then for the plantings later. We will sent out an email to all the team when the time is right. We will try and make it a week day plus a weekend day. We will also try and arrange a BBQ after which will be a good time for a chat and to meet others in the team too.

Kevin Reports: Recent rain will be good for growth, and more is likely in the first week of March, which can’t be at all bad. We have made some rough ‘service tracks’ through the slope below the Grassy Saddle table so that we can get clearing and spraying and then planting done in a few months.

Bryan Riley Reports: Hi Will, This rain will be just the goods for all those young plantings up the gully and surrounding areas. Not so good for harvesting apples but at least they will be increasing in size!

Catches for February.
Waterfall line — 1 rat.
Wilks line — 1 mouse.

And our cat caught a rat and brought it inside last night!!!
Cheers, Bryan.

Bruce Harvey Reports: Hi Will, 1 rat caught this month in the Grassy Saddle traps.
Cheers Bruce

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Results for this past month : 2 mice, 1 rat, 1 hedgehog. Not great, but still nibbling at the nasties. Quite a few pigeons (Kereru) about, one friendly cock pheasant, and pleased to see the family of quail that started with 8 young, still have 8. Plenty of Fantails and Tui’s again looking in the bird feeder. Empty at the moment, but will restart shortly. All for now, Regards, Alastair.

Mike Oliver Reports: Mike’s Gully Lines: 5 rats; 1 weasel. On the Lookout Lines: 1 possum; 1 other.

This months total Gully Catches: 3 mice; 8 rats; 1 hedgehog; 1 weasel.

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