May 2021

Will Reports: A welcome to Marleen who wishes to join the group and thanks to Brent Beloe for his donation of a larger tree, which we planted up near Grassy Saddle.

For me, I’m retiring from all voluntary work at the end of this planting season. It’s been a long journey of doing this from talking to scout/cubs/girl guides/venturers, school classes and youth groups on the outdoors in one form or another. Mostly with young people and later years busy with restoring places with native plants and trapping. It’s now that time of life to sit back with family history, wandering in wild places and doing nothing. I’m hoping that this will all take a lot of time!

Bryan Riley Reports: Hi Will, Trap totals for May.

Wilks line — 2 Rats 1 Mouse

Waterfall line — 1 Rat 2 Mice

Peter Wilks also caught 5 mice in his shed up on the Wilks block over the month of May.

Cheers, Bryan.

Bruce Harvey Reports: Hi Will, During May there were 8 mice caught at Grassy saddle. I enjoyed helping with the planting and please contact me whenever you need assistance. Cheers Bruce

Mike Oliver Reports:

Mike’s Gully Lines: 12 mice, 5 rats.

On the Fire Lookout Lines: 3 mice, 1 rat.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Fairly slow this month passed but was away for part of it. One rat and four mice (two live caught outside in rat traps) Tui & Bell birds common and now at feeder. The odd Kereru passing, quite a few Fantails but no sign of Weka. Will be around somewhere I hope. All for now, Regards, Alastair.

This months total Gully Catches: 32 mice; 9 rats.

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