April 2021

Will Reports: More planting up around the table on Grassy Saddle but some have been disturbed. It’s just the School Holidays! But do wish people could think just a little? Also we have had one rat trap and tunnel stolen! Plus a Geocaching ‘location’ that was nearby was found and tossed over the fence – guess some of the trinkets are missing. Anyway, the GPS thing is still nearby but just a little more searching required!

Sorry to say, but we have lost another weka. It was reported to us by ‘Julie’. I found the body and gave the bird a burial. It had been killed by a dog or human, as any wild animal would have taken the dead bird away to eat. We spotted three young weka later and we guess that as we haven’t seen them around, they too (or three?) will have succumbed to the same fate. We rarely see dogs under control these days.

Now the Good News! Up the gully one morning busy planting with Bruce, Bryan and Kevin. Kevin had some 40 odd natives while I had about 7, to plant. They all were planted in no time! A big Thank You to Ross MacDonald for his donation of kowhai’s. Good specimens too and all have now been planted; thanks to Bruce, Bryan and Kevin.

Any Spare Holes Around? I note that a guy up in Auckland is spraying around potholes (and adding some extra details) on some road that is “infested” with them. We have a lot of planting to do and as we have been looking in Mitre 10 & Bunnings for pre-dug holes but guess they have run out due to all the planting going on in the district. So we have been wondering if the Auckland chap, less the extra details of course, could send some of those pot holes down. They shouldn’t take much room should they?

Kevin Reports: Earlier in April we were given 32 strongly grown Kowhai’s and some Kaka beaks by supporter Ross McDonald of Motueka. We are very grateful for Ross’s donation (not the first from him) to help with our reforestation project. These trees have been planted near the picnic table’s new position above Grassy Saddle with help from Bryan Riley and Bruce Harvey. Thanks guys for your speedy digging and planting.

On a later occasion Bryan and I planted out about 120 assorted tussocks and 20 young trees along the back edge of Table Flat; unfortunately some thoughtless walkers scrabbled through some of these plantings in their pathetic attempt to demonstrate their climbing ability, but not their ability to respect other’s restoration efforts.

Bryan Riley Reports: Hi Will, Give me a call re planting if you need a hand.

April trap catches —
Wilks line —— 4 rats 2 mice 1 weasel
Waterfall line— 2 rats
Cheers, Bryan.

Bruce Harvey Reports: Hi Will, April trapping at Grassy Saddle accounted for 9 mice and 1 rat. Cheers Bruce

Planting Ross’s kowhai’s: Bryan, Kevin and Bruce have a spell and Kevin sorting out somewhere to put them.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. A little better results for this past month : 2 hedgehogs, 5 rats and 6 mice. One rat catch was rather unusual. I had decided to check the traps, still set but with stale bait. Late in the evening I replaced the bait in one, went further on and returned back along the same track 10 minutes later. Surprised to find a rat already in that last trap. One up for me! Cheers, Alastair.

Mike Oliver Reports:
Mike’s Will’s Gully Lines: 5 mice, 8 rats.
On the Fire Lookout Lines: 2 mice, 2 rats & 1 other.

This months total: 22 mice; 20 rats; 2 hedgehog; 1 weasel.

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