August 2021

Will Reports: With the Chinese virus lockdowns on the go, not very much work done up the gully. However, the traps were checked, some before the lockdown too. A little bit confusing as the Nelson CC stopped traps being checked while DoC carried on! Many people walked the tracks (but were they 2m apart??)

As Dawn reported: “I have just been up the Gully and gosh, there were soooo many people. The most I’ve ever encountered on my walks 😳 ”. Dawn also reported that the red tapes that we had put across the old forestry road on Grassy Saddle have gone (been stolen) so our newly planted here might have been damaged.

Anyway, Kevin has been quietly busy with some of his plants – “planted out up Grassy Saddle (35 manukas, plus a few Coprosmas and others)” And I even planted a tray of renga renga seedlings under the forest trees but lower down. We went up separately though.

Bryan Riley Reports: Hi Will, A chilly start to spring with a frost here this morning but a nice fine day ahead. There are no catches to report for August. Cheers, Bryan.

Bruce Harvey Reports: Just 2 mice caught early in the month, pre Level 4. Hope to get around the traps again next week. Keep safe, Cheers Bruce

Mike Oliver Reports:

Mike’s Gully Lines: 6 mice, 2 rats.

On the Fire Lookout Lines: 2 rats, 2 possums.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Nasties seem to be on “lock down” this past month with one rat in total. No sign of others, but they will be there. Less activity at my bird feeder, tapering off over the last couple of weeks. As far as I am concerned this is good as it means there are more flowers and nectar around. A more natural food. See a few Kereru most days and hear the odd Weka. Pheasants doing their thing, Quail about so all in all, things pretty good in the bird department. Regards, Alastair.

Some Figures: We have planted just under 13,000 plants and have caught 1952 pests. Trapping started in 2008 while the plantings begun (after clearing weeds for two years) in 2000. The highest tally for pests was last year but over the years we have increased the number of traps.

And all that’s pretty good going for a small group of volunteers!

This months total Gully Catches: 8 mice; 3 rats.

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