August Report

Will Reports: A bit of a wipe out this month and after a quick check up the gully we have lost a number of plants around the Twin Gums. Sorry to say a couple of good trees too, a beech and a kahikatia, both well established, just gone! Our large rock full of fossils also just gone! At least one sign is still there, hanging in a tree.

The track in from Hill Street is blocked by a slip below the creek crossing and the stairway at the Twin Gums is damaged. The Top Track and Bottoms tracks are ok from there, until at Henry Road and to the Old Hawthorn Tree. Above that a slip has crossed Henry Road and the track, probably closing this section of the track for good. From here Henry Road will be the walking track up to Grassy Saddle until the new track is formed on the up hill side of Henry Road.

Very sad for the people who have lost their homes and others with damaged homes up the Maitai and in Nelson.

It is Conservation week from 5th – 11th September, if that’s any consolation to anyone.

The stairs at the Twin Gums.
Twin Gums: note the stair handrail in the top left corner.

Bryan Riley Reports: Hi Will, Thanks for the storm damage pics. What a mess to clean up. I hope the council will take care of it when they are able to spare staff from all the remedial work that is required around the district?
Waterfall line — 2 possums
Wilks line — 2 rats 3 mice.
Cheers, Bryan.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Total for past month : Two rats. Bird life at feeder has tapered off this last week or so. I find this normal, there being trees etc starting to flower. The tui, bellbirds and kākā will be getting back to more normal food. Speaking of the kākā. It is now 49 days since it first appeared and has done so every day since. From its antics, frequent and longer absences, I think it is looking for a mate. Can only wish it luck. Cheers, Alastair.

Hart Creek crossing.

Bruce Harvey Reports: Hi Will, Rather a shortened trapping month due to the persistent drizzle that we all experienced. I haven’t been able to get back and check my traps since the rain event, and only caught 1 rat and 2 mice for the month. Hopefully we will get back to the saddle soon. Cheers Bruce

Mike Oliver Reports: Some traps damaged and maybe lost due to the storm.
Mike’s Gully Lines: 2 mice, 1 rat. (Only one trapline checked)
(On Mike’s Fire Lookout Lines: 2 mice, 4 rats.)

Brian Hirst & Kevin Piper plant a titoki gifted by Brian, on the way up to Grassy Saddle. Maybe we could call this titoki ‘the 2022 after the flood titoki?’

This months total Gully Catches: 7 mice, 6 rats, & 3 possums.

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