February 2020

Bruce Harvey has joined the group and will be setting out a trap line around the Grassy Saddle area soon. The ten rat traps and tunnels for this were given to us by TET. – Thanks Elaine. 

Kevin and I continued with stumping vines and such; and magpies were heard in the area which is not good! Some time spent removing older damaged green sleeves and securing others.  It was good to see a cicada grub shell on a kanuka. 

A pest vine ‘suffering’.
Bryan about to set out his new trapline.

Bryan Riley Reports: Only one mouse to report for February (Wilks Block). I thought there may be a little more activity than that as the trap line is in a new area!

I reset the stoat trap with a chicken leg as bait. If you are in the area would you mind checking the trap please.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Not much activity again this past month. One rat, on mouse and two hedgehogs in total. Pet quail still around, and hear wekas calling from further up the gully. Don’t seem to come down much lower at the moment though. One thing becoming more and more common is hearing magpies yodelling. Up the gully yesterday there were at least 3 calling from different locations. Not too happy about that and will be keeping an eye things. All for now, regards, Alastair.

Mike Oliver Reports:  7 rats;  1 possum, for the gully lines. 

From Jim Chapman, who is restoring native plants and trapping on his property, which looks down on Allan’s Gully, Richmond Hills: 

Hi Will, Just thought I would let you know of the news from Valhalla Drive.

Caught 1 Rat in December and have a possum annoying us but so far no luck in catching it, will keep trying. 

Sightings :-  1 Pheasant on the hill above our house. A family of 4 Weka sighted at the back of our house and are still about minus 2 that a dog killed.  A pair of Native Wood pigeons I think were nesting up Allan Harts track below the house are still in the gully.  Plenty of Quail but the tuis have disappeared as they did last year when it turned dry.

It was probably the best spring for birds around Valhalla since we have lived here.

February 2020 Gully Catches:  2 mice, 9 rats, 2 hedgehogs, 1 possums and one waspnest (Asian). 

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