February Report 2022

Will Reports: We have done some track and windfall maintenance and some search and destroy of weeds like Banana Passion Fruit, Old Man’s Beard and Himalayan Honeysuckle. Planted some renga renga and sowed some seed to try and get some undergrowth established under the existing trees.

Another day I met up with a group of home schooled kids on the track so took them on a little tour. They were fascinated with the fossils and inspected just about every rock on the track as we passed by.

Interesting to hear of the morepork that Mike encountered. Haven’t heard any of the little owl screeching for awhile.

Bryan Riley Reports: Hi Will, Great to catch up with you and Kevin the other day.

Wilks Line —- 2 Rats,2 mice and 1 stoat.

Waterfall line -1 Rat and 1 possum.

After the recent rain at McGlashen’s Dam.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Nothing much to report regarding this past month. Four mice in all. Have been away for some of it, so were not able to attend to the traps as much as I would have liked.

Greeted home by a cock pheasant in my parking area. Good to see. Quail absent – probably gone elsewhere in disgust at not being fed. They will be back. All for now, Alastair.

The difference between them Mustelids:

The banding marks are courtesy of the traps. We haven’t caught any ferrets up the gully though.

Photo: Courtesy of Bryce Buckland.

Bruce Harvey Reports: Hi Will, This month my traps around Grassy Saddle accounted for 2 rats and 3 mice.

 Spotted up Reservoir Creek recently, what may be the pest bomarea species. We just about have (or did have) every pest species in the gully but this is one we don’t want!

Mike Oliver Reports: Hi Will, when attending one of the traps I spotted a morepork sitting on a branch nearby. Went up to it and got within about two feet and it just sat there! Didn’t have my camera though!

Mike’s Gully Lines: 2 mice, 2 rats.

(On the Fire Lookout Lines: (1 rat and 1 ‘other’.)

This months total Gully Catches: 11 mice, 7 rats, 1 stoat and 1 possum.

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