January Report 2022

Will Reports: More summer weedeating over six days in January and now completed and just before the recent rainfall. Interesting how it does fall – with this recent rainfall until Friday 4th morning: Near the start of the track above Hill St, Alastair had 72mm. At my place (below Hill Street) 57mm, Kevin, a little further down from me 64mm and Mike (just off Gladstone
Road) 45mm. And at Grassy Saddle? 80mm. Gradient rainfall?

The odd pest vine was found and taken care of. When they flower we can spot them but sometimes it takes awhile to find the rooted plant and then you wonder just how did I miss that.

Kevin Piper Reports: I have been helping Will clearing weeds on the side of the track and Henry Road as the recent rain and warm weather has seen good growth from the plants we want and those we don’t want. I then fell to clearing weeds from the swamp at Lone Fern Corner and was pleased to see that all the Nikau (palms) and Oioi (Jointed Rush) we planted seem to be doing well, several of the Kahikatea and Totara OK but a few losses.

Nearby McGlashen’s Dam.

I have noticed that there are a few more birds around at the moment – Tui, Bellbird, Keruru, feeding on the berries (Coprosma, Titoki, Kawakawa,) Fantail, Kahu (Hawk) also around. But no Weka. Yet I biked along the path on Rabbit Island today and saw/heard several Weka. Now, one of these places, Wills Gully or Rabbit Island has a dog ban, but not the other. One has Weka but not the other. Coincidence?

Bryan Riley Reports: Hi Will, Catches as follows.
Wilks line — 1 mouse
Waterfall line- 1 mouse & 1 opossum.
Traps all in place this time. Thank you for the new traps.
Cheers, Bryan.

Ross Cullen Reports: 13 January: I walked up to Alison’s Bank this morning and was going okay cutting off gorse at ground level and gelling until the handle of my shears broke. Guess I am prone to using tools fairly vigorously and the metal could not cope that much abuse. Most of the gorse has been cut and gelled, but some smaller plants heading up towards Saddle beside the fence might be best controlled by spraying.

As I was about to head home I noticed a tall barberry by the corner in track with barbed wire nearby. I chopped off the heads with my lopper then went home for lunch. I returned after lunch with Stihl chainsaw and sawed it off near ground level, and gelled stump. I also cut off the trunks of two hawthorn than I had topped by hand a couple of months ago. One is near Archies Line, about 120m in from the road and the other is at The Office. Both have butt logs that could be good firewood if sawed small enough to carry out. A mature tagasaste (tree lucerne) had broken off at ground level by Twin Gums and was leaning over the track. I sawed it off, cut it up and stashed the debris on south side of track. A couple of barberry that I cut off by hand a couple of years ago near boundary with Rob Harvey’s land were showing a bit of life so I sawed off the live bits and gelled them. Might stop them this time…

Your work with weedeater clearing grass by trees is tidy job, should help native plant growth.

24th January: Morning, Just back from a couple of hours up the gully, cut and gelled young gorse beside fence and a few barberry re-growths, occasional clematis and BPV. Tidy now but expect small gorse will keep appearing. Looks very tidy up there.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Total for the month of January : One rat and one mouse. Traps all still set, but not much around. Quail seem to be on second sitting as when I call them (yes, they come when I call them) only the 3 males and 4 young arrive. Then a couple of hours later the females arrive, eat in a hurry, drink, then disappear again. Pigeons (Kereru) around quite a lot and also seem to be quite a few Fantails at the moment. About all for now. Regards, Alastair.

Bruce Harvey Reports: Hi Will, a new concept, community nesting; this Pukeko nest on our farm had 21 eggs and last time I checked, all but 4
have hatched. There were multiple birds adding to it.

The Pukeko nest.

For the Gully Traplines: At last a rat! In fact 2 rats and 1 mouse this month. I think this is the first rat I have caught since September last year. Pleased to see a quail family last week, but only appeared to be 3 chicks. Cheers Bruce

Mike Oliver Reports: Mike’s Gully Lines: 1 rat. (On the Fire Lookout Lines: 1 rat.)

This months total Gully Catches: 4 mice, 4 rats and 1 possum.

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