January Report 2023

Will Reports: Hot and very quiet this month with the lighter rainfall of 70mm for January, on Grassy Saddle very welcome. (At home the rainfall was 61mm for January). Good to see many people using the tracks but not impressed by the damage to one trap though. Thanks to the person who has been trimming the plants along the track.

After introducing them to our work in the gully, we have Hannah and Albie doing some plant releasing down by the locked gate and Hannah’s employer has offered to pay their staff for one day’s work in conservation. In the hpoto Hannah & Albie clearing around the plants and it looks like a fair bit to do so thanks to you both for your help. Hannah and Albie are to take over a small trapline in Reservoir Creek too.

Trapping Reports for January:
Bryan Riley Reports: Hi Will, Not much trap activity in January! I guess we should hope that reflects a lower level of predators?
Waterfall line – 1 rat.
Wilks line – zero.
Cheers, Bryan.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Two rats for this past month. Quail still about as are the nasties. So it would seem. After one brood of nine reduced to one in the space of a few days, a second brood of five went to one in the same period. Not quite sure what the problem is. More cats or the
persistent presence of a Harrier Hawk over my place. Kereru daily visitors and for some reason the sudden appearance of numerous fantails. A hatch of some small insects no doubt. All for now, Alastair.

Bruce Harvey Reports: Hi Will, very quiet month again. Just 1 rat caught on the traps around Grassy Saddle. Cheers Bruce

Mike Oliver Reports:
Gully Lines: 1 rat, 1 hedgehog, 2 stoats and 1 slug.
(On Mike’s Fire Lookout Lines: ( 2 rats & 1 possum).

Two at a time! That’s the way to catch “em.

This months total Gully Catches: 3 rats, 1 hedgehog, 2 stoats & 1 slug.

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