July 2018

Will Reports: Kevin and I finally got around to repairing about 3 or 4 treads on the Fossil Steps and it might not be too long before these steps are due for replacement. The donated plants from Brent Beloe and Mainly Natives, 69 in all, have all been planted along with 56 matai plants from a sort of surplus for this season via ‘Tasman Environmental Trust’ and ‘Trees that Count’.

We have planted 709 plants this season and about 8800 total for the 20 odd years up there. Not a great number compared to other groups but we had a lot of clearing before any planting so not bad going.

We now have most of the area in Will’s Gully planted with the faster growing, ‘second growth’ trees and have now been planting in between them with forest trees, such as beech, tawa, kahikatea and now, the matai. Maybe one day our great grandchildren will walk underneath and give them a pat as they pass by. The birds are fairly quiet maybe due to the resident falcon who frequently patrols the gully.

We have made a start on cleaning out the Barbary and hawthorn that we missed or forgot to stump and they have regrown. About six have been cut and stumped. The stumping stuff, Vigilant, used is now coloured and this makes a huge difference when on the job as one can easily see what has been done and missed. Some of the larger trees by the tracks, we might just ringbark.

Kevin hangs on while finishing planting a matai tree.

John Wilson Reports: (All the DOC150/200’s plus the Possum Masters in the gully): Nothing caught in June. Was a treat to watch a tui yesterday feeding on the tree lucerne flowers at the start of border line. They are real characters. Keep up the good work you & mates are doing.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: (Various traps – down from gully to Hill Street) Nothing remarkable as far as the trapping went this past month. Four rats is all, though that is better than nothing.

Judging by the amount of calling, wekas seem to have increased. However it may just be that they have moved down closer in function of what food is available at this time of the year. It gives me great pleasure to see and hear them. All for now, Regards, Alastair.

Shirley Rickerby Reports: ( Rat Traps – Borderline, Waterfall Line and access bush road in) Only four mice this month.

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