July 2021

Will Reports: A lot of rain happened this month but not much by the native planting & weed-disposal gang. The trappers have been busy though, doing their rounds of the traplines.

Plenty of dog walkers not under control as per usual. The photos were taken in a “dogs on lead area” No wonder that the weka are scarce now.
And some people are using the closed track by Grassy Saddle. How do they expect the trees to grow? Or maybe, why should we bother working up there??

But! It’s Conservation Week 4th – 12th September!

What shall we do? How about offering a Conservation Tour of the gully to anyone interested, and explaining what we have done, the best species to plants and when?

Maybe just a walk and tell about the different species and the interesting things about them? Plus tell of our trappers too who are getting rid of the nasties (excluding humans of course).

So, anyone reading this, I can take you on a tour on the 4th & or 5th September. Just let me know via email or phone.

Bryan Riley Reports: Not much activity re rodents etc this month.
Maybe they have made there way down town where it is much dryer and warmer than in the bush?

July trap line catch numbers  —
Waterfall line  — 2 mice
Wilks line        — 3 mice; plus one other.
Cheers, Bryan.

Bruce Harvey Reports: Hi Will, I am sure the months are getting shorter, as end of month seems to appear from nowhere! Last month I accounted for 7 mice and 2 rats around the Grassy saddle area.
Cheers Bruce

Mike Oliver Reports:
Mike’s Gully Lines: 4 mice, 3 rats.

On the Fire Lookout Lines:
3 mice, 4 rats.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Nothing to report for this past month except for a Silvereye. The first ever I might add, live trapped (and released). Must be hungry and searching for other sources of nourishment. Plenty of Tui and Bell birds at feeder. A small flock of half tame quail still around. A dozen or so. Probably two pairs of adults and their grown young. The odd Kereru flying over and that’s about it.
Regards to all, Alastair.

This months total Gully Catches: 16 mice; 5 rats & 1 other.

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