July Report 2020

Will Reports: Conservation Week this year is from 15 – 23 August, however we just about have it every week! So no big deal for us and we have all our season planting done except for some still too small to plant out yet. Hope to have them planted later in the Spring.

A welcome to Dawn Chalmers who is helping us with planting, weeding and such. These have been planted plus a number of long grasses and renga renga.

Richard Cheshire’s collection of native plants.

A thank you to Richard Cheshire who gave us a number of native plants (25 to 30 odd); coprosma, hoheria, cabbage trees and pseudopanax. These have all been planted out.

Thanks also to RobinVan Zoelen of TDC for his help.

A number of long grasses and renga renga have been planted as we are trying to restore the undergrowth as much as we can. It will happen naturally but slowly so we are hurrying things along as this helps with erosion and to hold the moisture in. A pair of native pigeons are about, plus a number of both pied and black fantails. They are a bit of a worry as they flit about at ground level making an easy mouthful for any feral cat or weka too for that matter!

A ‘tour’ group plodding up to Grassy Saddle from the gully.

The contractors harvesting the pines up above Grassy Saddle are getting closer and we look up and around when hear a trees falling – just to make sure they are not that close! There are some people who flout the danger signs and get turned back. They seem to think the laws and rules are for everyone else except them? No doubt they would scream and carry on if a falling tree scratched them.

Have had two group tours of the gully and a smaller one this last month. It seems that most don’t believe our progress until they are shown the before and after photos! Even then some seem to doubt it!!

Bruce Harvey Reports: Hi a Will, There has been very little rodent activity during July. Just 1 mouse caught in the Grassy Saddle traps, and nothing in Valhalla or Saxton’s. However I think a resident Weka around Grassy is probably feeding on the trapped rodents because there is often traps pulled right to the back of the box.

Bryan Riley Reports: Hi Will, Great to catch up yesterday.

July catch numbers —

Waterfall Line — 3 Mice

Wilks block line — 1 mouse, — 2 Rats

Nice to see all the young plantings doing well. Heard one Weka calling (probably the one cleaning out my traps) but there seems to be low numbers in my area?

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Very little to report concerning this past month. One rat is all. No sign of others. Tuis common and several bell birds at the feeder. My half-tame quail still visit now & then and counted 10 in a small flock just two days ago. The odd pigeon around and listened to a morepork close by earlier in the month. Wekas scattered around and live trapped one also earlier in the month. Looks like the same one again. Must be a slow learner, or very hungry. All for now, Alastair.

Mike Oliver Reported: For the Borderline, Archies Line, Central Line and Doug’s Run: 8 mice, 1 rat & 1 other.

July 2020 Gully Catches: 13 mice, 4 rats, 1 other.

Thanks to all the Gully Volunteer team: plus thanks to; Tasman Holdings Ltd; PF Olsen, TDC, Ewing’s Poultry; & Sarah & Rick Griffin. And of course Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter!

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