June Report 2020

Will Reports: A bit late this month as we have just about been full time up the gully with the planting and such.

From Alison Nicholl: “Hi Will, I went up and did my traps this morning (early June). No catches to report. However I am sorry to report that I think this is the last time I can do the traps! I hope you can find some keen person to take over my line and the egg run. I have enjoyed doing both these things. – Alison”

Alison Nicholl retires after servicing traps up the gully for around 12 years. Starting with just one trapline, it expanded to three lines and now we have eight lines. Alison also has done the ‘egg run’ (collecting the donated eggs from Ewing’s and delivering them to the trappers on the Richmond Hills) for just about as long! Not only that, she has supplied a swag of native plants over this time too. Along “Alison’s Bank” (on the Top Track) she supplied so many native plants along this side of the ridge that we called this spot after her. Thanks very much for your help over the years Alison.

Bryan and Mike have taken over her lines of 20 to 21 rat traps while Shirley is now doing the egg run.

Brian Hirst donated about 100 natives and that’s pretty good but he also got together a couple of friends to come along to help plant them all!

Ross McDonald also donated some 23 kowhai, 5 cabbage trees, etc which we have planted out on Grassy Saddle. Thanks also to Ross Cullen who helped plant out some of the Council donated natives. Brent Beloe and Kevin Piper donated around 12 good sized natives while the council donated 175 plants which Kevin and I mostly put in place. Kevin has also ‘supplied’ well over 50 natives too. So all in all, a very good start to our planting season!

Tasman Holdings Nelson Ltd kindly gave us some new PVC pipes which will be useful for drainage on the tracks for up the gully. We have passed on some to Greg in Reservoir Creek. Thanks Lyn.

The before and after new planting just out from the Bottoms Track/Henry Road.

Kevin Piper Reports: At last enough rain to really do some good and the plants are looking happy. Mostly planting this month, and very grateful for the donated Kowhais, Totaras and Ribbonwoods to supplement the Council allocation. Some time spent rationalising the signage around Grassy Saddle as many Lockdown driven new walkers were finding some difficulty in finding their way.

Bruce Harvey Reports: Hi Will, I hope the ‘winter’ is treating you well, and congratulations on your very deserved award. Just 5 mice caught in the Grassy saddle traps this month. Cheers Bruce

Bryan Riley Reports: From the Wilks Line: 1 mouse, 2 rats. Water fall line: nil. Cheers, Bryan.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Three rats total this past month. One a very large ‘NorwayRat”. Bored with the bad weather I was rather curious and consulted Dr Google on NZ rat species and whether they cross breed. I have included some of what I found at the end for those who are interested. Tui’s numerous at my bird feeder and counted up to nine at the feeder and perched around it. At least two Bell birds and the odd Kereru. Quite a few Grey Warblers at the moment, which is not always the case. Wekas reasonably numerous, one I live trap often. Must like the bait. All for now. Regards, Alastair.

Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus) and roof rat (Rattus rattus) matings are usually unsuccessful, but on a few occasions live offspring have been produced which died shortly after birth. HybriDatabase

Mike Oliver Reported: One possum, 17 mice, and 3 rats. From the BorderLine, Archie’s Line, Central line and Doug’s Run.

Stocked up again with Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter. Thanks to Pic’s and Amanda.

June 2020 Gully Catches: 23 mice, 8 rats, 1 possum.

Catches at the Fire Lookout: no catches for June. (These are not included with the gully catches).

Thanks to the Gully Volunteer team: Kevin, Alison, Bryan, Bruce, Mike, Alastair, Ross and Peter.

plus thanks to; KRB, PF Olsen, TDC, Ewing’s Poultry, & Sarah & Rick Griffin. Plus of course Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter!

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