June Report 2022

Will Reports: Brian Hirst donated 160 odd native plants and nearly all have been planted. Along with Ross McDonald’s and Janice Gibbs donations, over 300 have been planted this season already. 

More thieves stealing traps and tunnels plus others damaging some.  This month, on Mike Oliver’s top of the ridge line. 

Last month one of our people received some excessive abuse and threatening behaviour due to saying something about dog not under control. And I mean threatening behaviour! 

While Kevin and I were busy doing some planting we heard a lot of children’s voices approaching. They were a class from Hope Primary school  busy exploring the fossils. Tiny Tots we used to call them and it appeared that they might have made their way up to Grassy Saddle. Good to see and no doubt a good way to keep them all warm on a frosty morning. 
Karaka plants? Should we be planting them? Not because they are poisonous but do they belong in the Richmond Hills? Are they a true native of New Zealand? Anyway, we have been advised to leave them off our species list. 

Kevin Piper Reports: We have had two lots of home nursery trees donated lately, about 200 in total.  All have been well-grown healthy specimens with strong root systems, and I hate to think what price they would have demanded in local nurseries.  Will may say more about these donations.  Most of them are now in the ground, dotted all over the gully from the bottom gate to Grassy Saddle.  Some are even on slopes that seem now to be steeper than they once were!  Recent rain (68 mm on Grassy Saddle) should ensure that these plants get a good start in their new locations.

Brian Hirst with his trailer load of plants for us.

Bryan Riley Reports: Hi Will, June trap catches:  Waterfall line  2 possums; Wilks line  2 rats  2miceCheers,  Bryan 

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Score for this past month : Three rats and one mouse. I sometimes leave recently trapped, dead rats outside overnight. They always disappear and I had thought Weka’s were responsible. I set up a game camera and was amused to find that it was a domestic cat getting off with them. So to any neighbour who owns a large fluffy, grey cat that brings home dead rats  “Thank You”! for the use of your rat disposal unit ! Cheers, Alastair.

Bruce Harvey Reports: Hi Will,  Rather a quiet month with just 1 rat and 5 mice caught.Cheers Bruce 

Mike Oliver Reports: Mike was on half duties this month due to one of his fingers getting caught between a shed door and a car door when trying to help a neighbour with a flat car battery. Mike did take the finger tip with him to the hospital but they didn’t make use of it. Probably not much use for trap bait either. Anyway, the rest of Mike’s finger is improving but he will be out of action for a little while. 

On Mike’s trapline by the Fire Lookout; one trap has been stolen.
Mike’s Gully Lines: 7 mice, & 3 rats. (On Mike’s Fire Lookout Lines:  ( 1 mouse, 3 rats & 1 possum.) 

This months total Gully Catches: 15 mice,  9 rats, 2 possums.

The recent rain ‘hatched’ a group of toadstools.

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