March 2021

Will Reports: Three mice caught at home over night in the same trap. It is one of those traps with four sets and I’m still looking to catch four at once.  Total for our place for this month was 5 mice. 

A welcome to Len Davenport who lives along Hill Street and is keen to join our group. 

We have been clearing and preparing around the logs/slash heap by the table on Grassy Saddle and releasing the plants, recovering or removing the  green plant sleeves, mostly for reusing and collecting rubbish left by others. All getting ready for the planting coming up. 

Kevin clearing and preparing for planting on Grassy Saddle.

One weka found dead on Henry Road and we have seen three young hanging about Grassy Saddle without an adult. The dead was most likely killed by a dog so hope those young learn fast.    

Dead Weka on Henry Road.

Brent Beloe has given a bag of compost and some dollars for us to select a native tree to commemorate the birth of his first grandchild. We think a totara would be a good choice. Thanks Brent and we hope you will be able to watch both grow up with satisfaction.

Kevin Reports: I dug some service tracks across the slope below the Grassy Saddle table in early March (I think) but not much since then.  Have a good stock of plants to go in, but awaiting the arrival of Ash Oliver with digger to clear a patch of pest plants before planting can begin.  About 88mm of rain in the gauge on Grassy Saddle from last weekend and mid-week,  Quite good for a week this time of year, and the plants certainly appreciate it.

Bryan Riley Reports: Good morning Will,

March trapline catches.

Wilks   —  5 rats        3 mice

Waterfall – 2 rats       1 mouse

Cheers, Bryan.

Bruce Harvey Reports: Hi Will, 3 rats were caught during March in the Grassy Saddle traps. Great to be followed around by the piwakawaka, good numbers appearing in the bush. Also met up with a family of pheasant at the saddle one evening, 3 youngsters. Cheers Bruce 

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Total for the month,  5 mice, 3 hedgehogs and one rat. ( a very large one ). 

Quail still around, one couple with 5 fairly new chicks. The odd pheasant, plenty of fantails, a few bellbirds and quite a few tui. 

Plus – not so good – hearing more and more magpies. Don’t really want them. Hear the odd possum at night, but to locate them in the trees at 2 am is not what I feel like doing these days. Regards, Alastair.

Mike Oliver Reports: 

Mike’s Gully Lines: 1 mouse, 2 rats. 

On the Fire Lookout Lines:   2 mice, 2 rats.  

This months total Gully Catches:  10 mice; 13 rats; 3 hedgehogs. 

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