May 2019

Will Reports: We have been busy working on installing new steps at the Fossil Steps, now completed. Thanks to David, Kevin and Bryan with help from neighbour Peter Wilks too.

We also cleared some storm damage down at McGlashin’s Dam. A couple of trees had fallen down with one over the handrail by the dam and another over the decking nearby. A couple of trees fell across the McGlashen’s Dam in a recent storm and have been cleared.

Collected 92 plants donated by TDC and we have planted them all; Richard Farrar donated and helped with planting out 17 kowhai and 7 cabbage trees; Kevin’s friend Ross donated 18 kowhai’s plus 6 renga renga’s; from Karla, 1 flax plus about 50 dianella. Which all come to around 257 natives planted so far this season. We have been re-staking some plants and also taking away older green sleeves that have served their purpose and taking out the odd vine and gorse pest weeds. We even had to hedge trim some of the bushes that were growing over the track – a bit of a novelty at this stage! Shirl’s traplines – nil catches; my traplines – 2 rats.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Less activity this past month. Four rats in all. One extremely black one. (After the large whitish one last month). Quail family have moved on, presumably to their winter quarters. At least 4 Wekas in the immediate area. One juvenile has become quite tame turning up pretty well every evening at 5 for a “hand out”. Mostly kitchen scraps with a preference for meat. Bell birds and tuis quite common at bird feeder. At least 2 rabbits in the area. I must admit I quite like to see the odd one about. Not so the possum I have seen about a couple of times and – so far – have not been able trap. About all for now. Regards, Alastair.

Bryan Riley Reports: No catches for May.

David walks up the Fossil Steps reconstruction.

Alison Nicholl Reports: May catches – 5 mice; 1 rat. I think my catches recorded are below what is actually caught – for example on the 11th I had at least 8 traps dragged to the far end of the tunnels but no visible sign of what was caught for the Weka to get hold of. The plastic trap you gave me to try out hasn’t caught anything but the bait is often taken but the trap is not tripped. It seems too stiff and would need significant weight to release it.

Mike Oliver Reports (from the fire lookout ridge): Hi Will, Richmond Hill Fire Lookout pest kills for May: seven mice and one rat. Judging by the many occasions the tree mounted rat traps were cleaned out of peanut butter but not set off there are many more mice present that I have to somehow outwit, by substituting more sensitive traps than the Victor rat traps. Have got one so far (mousetrap) operating under the LO steps and this is in a tunnel which is well weighted down to stop the resident weka from getting an easy meal. He now has to wait until I arrive. Have caught five mice (and counting). April catches were: 5 mice and one possum.

Total Catches for May: 5 mice; 7 rats; and 1 wasp nest.

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