November 2019

Will Reports: Not a great deal this month but we have planted just over 1000 natives this season. Fingers crossed for a good survival percentage. A number of understory plants have been planted in groups so hope they grow and throw their seeds about. Not many pigeons about, have only heard a pair flying about now and then. The birds are pretty quiet so hope they are all busy nesting and feeding their young. A number of pairs of Californian quail running around though. No doubt some of their eggs and young will be tucker for the weka? The dogs seem to be keeping the weka down somewhat and when busy staking and tying up some windblown plants on Grassy Saddle and lower down, I spotted 3 skinks. They moved too fast to see what species they were. Busy catching up around home so only four days this month up the gully.

Red legged partridge.

Spotted a red legged partridge out on the Waimea Plains, possibly an escapee or perhaps a visitor from Marlborough. Interesting to watch anyway.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Not much to report regarding activities this last month. One rat in total. A few pigeons about and suspect a pair are nesting in a conifer on my place. As they have done for several seasons. The odd weka seen now and then and quail all over and relatively tame. Some being 3rd generation to come to my daily distribution of grain. All for now, Alastair.

Alison Nicholl Reports: 5 mice 5 rats! A bit of a change!

Mike Oliver Reports: For The Gully Lines – DoC200 & DoC150’s: 1 mouse and that wasn’t caught in a trap! As Mike was walking back after servicing traps he spotted a mouse running before him along the track so it ended up being added to the tally. From the Fire Lookout Ridge: 3 mice and 3 rats.

Bryan Riley Reports: (Grassy Saddle) One rat.

On a bike ride around the new subdivision on Lower Queen Street came across some wildlife that will soon be forced to leave or be eaten! A nesting paradise duck and a pukeko fossicks about nearby.

Total Catches for November: 7 mice; 9 rats.

December catches still to be caught and then the end of another year! The next dispatch will include December and January catches and sent out very early February 2020.

Season’s Best Wishes to all, especially the gully team – the trappers and the ‘vegetation’ and track maintenance team. Next Year – 2020 – meaning the new year and good vision? Let’s hope so.

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