November 2022 Report

Will Reports: The end of another year coming up and thanks to everyone of the group who have helped over the year. The project is not complete – will it ever? But the replanting is just about over except for the maintenance and replacement of the expired. The trapping continues of course and, despite the predator free effort, probably for all time. Hopefully we will have some sort of in the future to take over this continuing work. The end of year report due January. Have a safe Christmas and New Year to everyone.

Kevin Piper Reports: The stairs at Twin Gum Junction are now fully repaired, with the notice now repositioned, and the track realigned. David Burt has since been back and has removed the broken concrete post that was near the track, and has replaced another notice at the Hart Creek
crossing. I think he has also found a fossil rock to put at the junction, to replace Will’s magnificent specimen which was washed away in the August ‘event’. A ‘Working Bee’ on 30th November saw seven members of KRB (Keep Richmond Beautiful) join Alistair and me to clear the rank grass from around the plants on Grassy Saddle. Great effort people, and many thanks to Leslie, Nev, Terry, Ross, Neville, Gary and David You have made a big difference, as the grass was really growing well. A TDC contractor has mown the weeds around the plantings downslope from the top table, so all
looking pretty good at present. The mixture of heat, sun and rain is surely stimulating a lot of growth (of both plants and weeds!)

Bryan Riley Reports: November trap catches.
Waterfall line — 1 rat 1 mouse.
Wilks line 2 rats 2 mice.
Cheers, Bryan.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Better results with four rats this past month. All good sized adults. One I had been aware of for over a week before finally catching it. Other than that, plenty of tui about, the odd bellbird and kereru coming & going. Quail getting fed daily. Nine in total which may well be the same brood from last year as they are quite tame and come when called. A couple of other not so common bird sightings last
month were of a pair of nesting swallows and further up the hill, a
yellow hammer. Reasonably common elsewhere perhaps, but not just
here. That’s about it for now, Regards, Alastair.

Bruce Harvey Reports: Hi Will, not much to report, only 1 rat and 1 mouse caught during November. Cheers Bruce

Mike Oliver Reports: All very quiet with only 1 rat on the Central Line in the gully. On Mike’s Fire Lookout Lines: No catches but one rat trap & tunnel was stolen.

This months total Gully Catches: 4 mice, & 9 rats.

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