November Report 2021

Will Reports: Earlier we have had problems with rabbits eating the tops of some of this years plants around Grassy Saddle but talking to Simon Rayward, and he has been sorting out  things on his property and combined with the long grass now, hopefully the rabbit numbers have been reduced. 

We have received donations from Ken Lefever and Mark, (sorry but I don’t know his full name. Yet). Many thanks to them both. We hope to buy some bait in the New Year for the traps as we have run out of some bait types.  

Around home, only one blackbird is nesting this year. Early years we have had five different species nesting on the property. Yes, it now the cat killing season! The young fledglings just become cat tucker. Well, not really, as the cats kill, have a chew, and leave the dead fledgling on the lawn. Maybe the little chicks in the photo might survive? The two photos were taken three days apart. Having native birds around is better but they have long gone. It is interesting to watch the young grow, native or otherwise.  

Watching the young blackbirds grow at home.

Have continued planting due to the wet conditions and the 178 (this is not counting Kevin’s totals) planted this month will hopefully survive the summer.  Some weedeating was done, just mowing the grass around the plants. Thanks to Peter Wilks for spraying around some plants too.

Many thanks to all the group for all your help over the year. We hope to have a get together BBQ  maybe early new year. 

Season’s Best Wishes to you all, Will

John Slaney & Jeana Packer Report: With every good intent we have not been able to spend as much time up the gully or hills the last few weeks. (In fact for the first few weeks of the month I spent more time in Auckland, which I am glad to be free from). The 2 sessions we have had was cutting back some old man’s beard around the area that looks like you have already dealt to a while ago and is coming back in a few spots. Do you have any of the blue poison paste we could put on some of the bigger prunnings? We are careful not to let the hanging prunnings touch the ground so as not to sprout again. 

(Getting a bit short on the Vigilant but will get some to you – Will)

Bryan Riley Reports:  I was actually up the hill today and thought I could do with some more block baits for the possum master traps. Having said that there does not seem to be any possies or sign around for some time. I put lemons or apple in the traps so that should do the job!

November trap totals as follows:

Wilks line – 2  rats 9 mice. 

Waterfall Line – 2 mice.

Cheers, Bryan. 

Ross Cullen Reports: I was caught in the act of sawing limbs off the hawthorn tree at the Office by Mike Oliver who was a bit surprised to see a 73 year old gnawing at the tree with a Silky saw. Mission only part accomplished, I wandered further up hill and cut and gelled some gorse near Alison’s Bank. Some more small gorse bushes still to be dealt to in that corner.

A week later I returned with a carpenter’s saw and gel, clambered up the hawthorn, sawed off the head of the tree, applied gel, and chopped up the branches. The trunk can be felled some time with a chainsaw.

(We can meet up sometime convenient with the chainsaw and put it out of its final misery Will)    


Progress of Ross’s gnawings nearby The Office.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Total for the month : 1 rat. Other than that : Two of the three pairs of my half tame quail now have chicks, with a weka cleaning out the nest of the third. That’s nature I suppose. Quite a few pigeons (kereru) about at the moment with one hitting the window a couple of days ago. Sat around dazed for 30 seconds or so, then flew away. Tough bird ! Can’t be too traumatised as it is (they are) still around. 

One other little thing that may be of interest to trappers: I had a vehicle run over a tunnel trap recently and flatten it. It was one of those yellow plastic ones with a see-saw arrangement inside and a metal grill at one end. Pretty well flattened lengthwise. I got the bright idea of pouring boiling water on it in stages, and carefully straightening it out by hand. Worked a treat ! All for now.  Alastair.

Bruce Harvey Reports: Hi Will, Very little to report, just 3 mice caught during November. Merry Christmas, Bruce 

Mike Oliver Reports: 

Mike’sGully Lines:  2 mice, 2 rats. 

On the Fire Lookout Lines: No catches this month.

This months total Gully Catches: 16 mice;  5  rats.

Thanks to all the Gully Volunteer team: 

plus thanks to; 

TDC; Ewing’s Poultry;  Sarah & Rick Griffin, Ken Lefever,  Mark,

Our Gully neighbours, 

And of course Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter! 

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