October Report 2020

Kevin Reports: Rain has been good for late plantings, with about another 75 plants on the saddle and along the track. I took quite a few (4 or 5 trays) but at least a couple of these were tussocks, Maori Onion and Haloragus. Earlier I probably put in about 24 woody plants; Kaka Beak, Kowhai, Akeake.

The logging and resulting alteration of the terrain has diverted run-off on to parts of the walking track, leading to washouts and scouring, When (and if) they complete the promised clean-up and restoration on the hill above we will need to sort out drainage and track work in the gully.

Will Reports: After being held up with the logging, we are making use of the recent rainfall to continue with some late plantings. All infill or understory species as our aim is to try and have a ground cover, either low or medium growing plants to hopefully help to contain any moisture for when the summer months come.

Heading home after planting on Grassy Saddle.

Interesting a short video link that shows how rats favour peanut butter over other baits. With our DOC200 & 150’s the eggs are set out for the mustelids but we also use a mustelid lure and a dash of peanut butter so they can take their pick! See that rat walking along a clothes line!


Anyone heard of Eraze bait? I’ve tried a search and ‘Connavation’ website but nothing. Maybe the lure has had a name change? DOC gave me some samples awhile ago and they were useful, more so than the Possum Dough. Maybe equal but if it rains the Possum Dough ‘melts’ away.

Bryan Riley Reports: Hi Will, Welcome rain over the last week which will be great for all your young plantings up the Gully. Plants, shrubs and of course lawns are making excellent growth in the home garden!

October catch Numbers.
Waterfall line — 2 Rats
Wilks line ——- 3 Rats 3 Mice

Post logging activity.

Bruce Harvey Reports: Hi Will, Just 1 mouse caught this month. Cheers Bruce

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Trapping no big deal once again this past month. No rats, possums etc. but for some reason 4 mice. Not usual for me at this time of the year. So be it. Tuis quite common with one nesting within 20 m of the house. Often see pigeons as well, and there again pretty sure one is nesting in a conifer just down the drive. As it has done in previous years.

Half tame quail still about and nesting on the place. Have been taking notice of what birds eat the fine grain I put out for them. I was rather surprised. Quail of course, with sparrows being the most common. However also chaffinches, blackbirds, the odd starling and at times, hedge sparrows. Not sure the last two are more than just curious, but the blackbirds have a good old feed. All for now, Alastair.

Mike Oliver Reports: 3 mice and 1 rat for the gully traps while up at the Lookout – 1 mouse and 2 rats caught.

This months total Gully Catches: 11 mice; 6 rats.

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