October 2019

Will Reports:  Up by the second seat on the Top Track which we call The Memory Corner, a small sign has been placed. We have several memorial trees planted nearby in remembrance of people who have helped us over the years. A good spot to sit and reflect. The new Kanuka Steps (on the Bottoms Track) are just about finished, thanks to David Burt of KRB (Keep Richmond Beautiful). We still have to put in place some netting to deter dogs and children taking shortcuts over the newly planted. More plants have been planted bringing the total plantings to about 980 for the season.

Food must be getting short as the weka are turning over the rat traps in search of catches or the bait. We have started placing steel pins either side of the tunnels to hold them in place.  Some tunnels have been rolled downhill for 50 or so metres.  Thanks to Olsen’s for a new supply of baits for our traplines in the gully. 

Completed new steps on the Bottoms Track. Replanting has been done around the new work but still a dog and children barrier to do to try and stop the plants being damaged.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Very quiet month with 2 hedgehogs in total. No sign of any rats or other nasties. Did live trap a very large cat, obviously being domestic was released without injury. Numerous tui’s about and the occasional sighting of a Kereru. Not a lot though. No recent sightings of Weka’s nor have I heard any calling. Not too worried about that though as they do move about. Tame quail still about and come to the grain I put out. As do the ducks. All for now,  Alastair.

Alison Nicholl Reports: I check the traps every week and recently there have been more Weka pulling the traps to the end of the tunnels and this can only be achieved if there is a rat in  the trap, but no remnant for me to count so I could assume there have been more rats???

Bryan Riley Reports: Hi Will,  Only one rat caught this month.  Great to see all the young plantings doing so well. Cheers, Bryan

Mike Oliver Reports: (from the fire lookout ridge): No catches.For The Gully Lines – DoC200 & DoC150’s:  1 rat.

This is a view of part of the gully looking up towards Grassy Saddle. Between the white lines shows some of our work with the plants growing (our stuff is the other side of the fence). In the lower section of the photo, below the white line, you might notice the trees are a lighter green – that’s out replanting showing up. The second growth as they used to call it but our first growth. Now we are planting forest type species: totara, beech, tawa, and such throughout the area. Hopefully these forest species will tower above the light green in years to come.

Total Catches for September: 6 mice; 3 rats;  2 hedgehogs. 

Looking for Someone to take over Ron Argue’s traplines in the Richmond Hills: On Griffen’s Saxton Creek Valley line – DoC150’s;  alongside Reservoir Dam, and on his Vahalla line (rat traps).  Contact Ron – [email protected]  if anyone is interested in all the lines or just one. 

We Were Very Sorry to hear of the passing of Peter Hale of Friends of Rotoiti recently. A practical and very helpful guy. 

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