September 2019

Will Reports: The new plantings have slowed down but we put in over a 100 plants this month. We also dug out the natives around the kanuka tree nearby McGlashen’s Dam in preparation for the new steps around the kanuka. These small natives were planted out elsewhere.

We were fortunate to have permission to collect some native seedlings of black and red beach, totara and also a couple of cedar, from some privately owned native bush. All potted up and hopefully they will be ready to plant out next season. (Thanks Janice). The weeds are growing like heck – can we get some of their growth genes and transfer them into the native plants? The weedeater has been in action but weed spraying needs to be done once the wind dies down.

Kevin & David stacking the timber for the new steps to be built around the kanuka tree. The idea is to keep the track foot traffic off the kanuka roots.

It’s been good to hear a pair of pigeons return – haven’t heard or seen them for some months. The falcon is still resident – is it the culprit? While the harrier pair drift about on the thermals. A pair of tui feed on the tree fuchsia flowers. Not many silvereyes, not many bellbirds, not many native pigeons. Around home not many blackbirds or thrushes and the same with silvereyes. The dunnock have been wiped out by the local cats. There are less starlings fighting over the nesting box this Spring too.

An idea for a bait station to kill wasps. Reuse and cut down a milk type container, screw the cap to a tree, cut the container to shape and then screw it into the cap on the tree.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Not a lot this month but a mixed bag. One mouse, two rats and a hedgehog. No sign of any wekas though I hear them calling at times. further up the valley. Have stopped the bird feeder for the present with there being plenty of flowers about. Not seen any kereru, but heard one flying out of sight among the trees somewhere. Quite a few quail still in residence and ducks still arriving each day for their hand out of mixed grain. All for now, Regards, Alastair

Alison Nicholl Reports: For this month 1 rat 2 mice and one pin nicked by the weka!

Bryan Riley Reports: No catches this month.

Mike Oliver Reports: (from the fire lookout ridge): For September – 1 mouse. For The Gully Lines – DoC200 & DoC150’s: no catches but most baits gone.

Total Catches for September: 5 mice; 4 rats; 1 hedgehog.

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