September Report

Kevin Piper Reports: The heavy rains in August brought three big slips down through the gully, The biggest of these came through at he Twin Gums and continued on down the creek. This slip has taken out quite a few established trees and vegetation, leaving a wide swathe down to the creek. Will and I have cleared the steps at the Twin Gums, but the handrails have yet to be fixed. We have tidied the track across the slip damage and made a better crossing of the small creek that has appeared there.

The TDC has reformed the track downstream from the Hart Creek crossing, and has made a better crossing of this creek, and made new steps on the uphill side.

Higher up a large slip has crossed Henry Road and deposited mud and debris on the Wills Gully Track. A few plants have been displaced and damaged, and “replacements” of Gorse and Barberry have slid in from up the hill. At this stage walkers are using the track by clambering over the mud, and we may need a working bee to get the track to a better state. We are waiting to see if a proposed new track on the uphill side of Henry Road is to eventuate, as it will probably be more efficient to put effort into this than to fix the old track. Henry Road is now clear, and walkers can use that in the meantime.

Twin Gums. Note stair handrail top left corner.

Bryan Riley Reports: Hi Will, It would be nice to see the sun for a few days! With a bit of luck we may see some in the coming week?
Wilk line — 5 mice
Waterfall line — 0

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. One rat for the month. What I have noticed is that I am catching more “Norway Rats” these days. I know that they will kill the more common rats, and I am catching fewer and fewer. All good in a way as the Norway Rats usually stick to the outdoors, (apparently) However they probably cause the most damage to nesting birds and their

The Kākā seems to have mostly moved on. Has been quite agitated these last few weeks. Constantly flying around, whistling, squawking and scrapping with the Tui. I think his hormones are playing up. I sure hope he finds a mate. Have stopped the bird feeder for the summer as I think there is enough natural food around at the moment. Though I must admit I have again started feeding the quail that are nesting in the area.
All for now, Regards, Alastair.

Bruce Harvey Reports: Hi Will, Another very quiet month of trapping at Grassy saddle, just 3 mice caught. Maybe the rats all got washed down to the township! Track repair looking good, well done to all involved. Cheers Bruce

Mike Oliver Reports: Mike’s been up and around, checking his traps and rescuing some from the floods. Mike’s Gully Lines: 5 rats and one other.

John Slaney & Jeana Packer Report: After the storm and with longer days, we are back taking off plastic and corflute protectors that came down in the mud slide or that were restricting trees. Thanks to Brian Hirst for finding his way up through all the mud and planting some trees.

This months total Gully Catches: 8 mice, 6 rats, & 1 other.

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