September Report

Will Reports: We only had one day working up the gully in September due to the logging operations. Kevin and I were able to do a lot of planting, mainly on Grassy Saddle but had special permission and the next day it rained so that was good. We had another day early October as soon as the tracks were open to the public again so did more plantings. Most of the plants were understory species, grasses, tussock and the like.

Logging operations.

Bryan Riley Reports: Hi Will, September tallies
Waterfall line — 1 mouse
Wilks line — 2 mice & 2 rats.

Ross Cullen Reports: I spent a couple of hours up at the gully this morning (3rd October), tracked down some clematis and banana passion vine and one hawthorn, at the small gully by fence below Twin Gums and by the giant punga at end of Waterfall line. Cheers, Ross

Looking up the Upper Jimmy Lee valley from above Grassy
Saddle with the native bush snaking its way up towards
Fowler Road.
– Ross Cullen Photo.

Alastair Mackintosh Reports: Hi Will. Broke the record this past month ! Since starting trapping in this location over 20 years ago, this past month is the only one I have not caught a thing. At least one possum still around but no sign of rats, mice or other nasties. Tuis common, the odd Bell bird and happy to have been able to observe a flock of seven Kereru enjoying themselves high in the air last month. Not a peep from Wekas. Don’t know what that is all about. Saw a Falcon beating into the wind a week ago and ten or so half tame quail still around. About all for now so will go and re-bait traps. Regards to all, Alastair.

Mike Oliver Reports: 1mouse & 1 rat.

Vandalism Once Again!!

Our sign just above the Fossil Steps has been damaged again, more than likely by the same boys who did it last time. And the same perhaps they have been spraying graffiti here and there around the area. Come on parents, TDC, police and whoever else: deter this stupidity before they move on to bigger things! I think it is time to remove it all (and then let ignorance prevail).

September 2020 Total Gully Catches: 4 mice; 3 rats.

Thanks to all the Gully Volunteer team: plus thanks to;
Tasman Holdings Ltd; PF Olsen, TDC,
Ewing’s Poultry; & Sarah & Rick Griffin.
And of course Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter!

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